Recycled denim

Too Much Clothing. Not Enough Justice. So Often A consumer. So Rarely A Human. It Is Time For Reckoning, Recovery and Reparations. The OR Foundation. 

The recycled denim collection is a project raising awareness of clothing waste. We created bags from second hand denim that in combination with vegan grape leather (a sustainable leather alternative). Starting with our own wardrobe, second hand denim from our friends and by collaboration with Carla, a local second hand shop from Caritas. In this way we want to contribute in reducing the number of non wanted clothing from Global North in even reaching Global South. This project is going further than just recycling denim from the Global North. 10% of sale of every piece will be donated to The OR Foundation to help directly in Accra, Ghana. All collected funds will be used to support apprenticeship programs that will train Kayayei girls and women how to recycle the secondhand clothing waste, to contribute in protecting their own environment and in this way free them from their current burden of dangerous and life threatening jobs as head porters.

Learn more about the situation in Accra, Ghana and the Kayayei girls and women: