At SAGAN Vienna studio, we believe that the tools and objects we use in our design process play a crucial role in shaping routines. Every object is part of an atmosphere of daily rituals and helps us to visualize and materialize our ideas.  Our favorite sharp scissors, the drawing pencils in different shades and sizes, the heavy punching machine, leather swatches, incense sticks and the Carl Auböck hand. This paperweight holds the stack of paper and books together at the studio desk and gave us the idea for a new collaboration.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work again with Mr. Carl Auböck, to meet in the workshop and to develop together a new version of the iconic hand object. It is a reminder of the timeless design principles of Walter Gropius, who had the hand object as a paperweight on his working table at Bauhaus. By adding a simple hole, we transformed this object into an incense holder almost without changing its form. Continuing to explore the heritage of design and craft, we spent time in Auböck's workshop and archive in Vienna. The timeless objects that we love to discover there together with the everyday functional objects from our studio served as inspiration to create the “Hand incense holder”. The result follows once more the SAGAN Vienna credo; familiar done differently. Developed in collaboration with renowned workshop Carl Auböck, this piece combines functionality and simplicity. The hand incense holder is crafted from 100% polished brass and bears the iconic punch mark of the Carl Auböck and SAGAN Vienna, ensuring the highest quality and exclusivity.

We recommend to combine the incense holder with the incense sticks from “root595” from the island of Awaji, Japan. This incense company produces natural and very subtle fragrances. With a commitment to nature and quality, through the handiwork of skilled craftsmen. These incense sticks add a beautiful and delicate scent to any home or studio place, creating an atmosphere of tranquility.