Devoted to expert craftsmanship and exquisite design SAGAN Vienna is offering handbags and small leather goods.

Launched in Vienna in 2016 by Tanja Bradaric (Croatian) and Taro Ohmae (Japanese). 

The philosophy of SAGAN Vienna is to create fair, responsible, quality pieces with a sense of uniqueness and relaxed elegance. It is an encounter with familiar, charged with history, the well known that spurs new ideas. SAGAN Vienna is familiar done differently.

All SAGAN Vienna goods are created with finest materials and manufactured by skilled artisans in Vienna and Europe.

In Japanese the word “sagan” means “the left bank” or “the left side of a river” and the expression implies a sensibility for idiosyncrasy and inventive non-conformity that strongly resonates with the brand design philosophy.


Products are indispensable for our daily lives. Let´s give an example of a bag. The role of the bag is to „carry things“. If you only want to focus on that function, you can use a large cloth bag. However, we cannot be happy just by fulfilling the functions. It makes me happy just by looking at it and I smile just by touching it. Such beauty is necessary for our lives as well as functions. Only human beings can feel happiness because of their function and beauty.

Brands exist to realise such a life and it is the present age that we live surrounded by the products. But brands are not the main part of life. The protagonist of life is the person who lives that life. Just as a brand has its own personality, humans also have individuality. So when they buy a product, people look for a brand that matches their personality. But what if there was a single brand that appeared to replace a number of individualities? If there is such a brand, humans can enjoy their own personality as it is and enjoy it comfortably.

I always had a strange feeling when I was looking at SAGAN Vienna bags. Classic, modern, nostalgic, clean. There are a number of words that describe design and brands often speak with symbolic expressions.

For example, the design of Helmut Lang who was also based in Vienna can be described as minimalism. But I was always in trouble to find the right words to describe SAGAN Vienna.

Orthodox colours such as black and beige, a simple appearance also a feeling of minimalistic air, but the body of the bag with leather, cow horn details, high quality feels a natural breath. Horn, the handcrafted material reveals the essence of craftwork and craftsmanship.

Traditional, modern, natural, urban, crafty and cutting-edge. A number of individualities appearing in turn. I noticed by writing this sentence that SAGAN Vienna´s appeal is that it can´t be described in one word.

Wear a T-shirt and denim and enjoy lunch with friends. Enjoy dinner with your lover and family in a formal style. What kind of bag is good at such a time? SAGAN Vienna will surely respond to you.

Founders Tanja Bradaric and Taro Ohmae are born and raised in Croatia and Japan, studied design in Vienna. Born in a mix of cultures, SAGAN Vienna is a bag that has both beauty and functionality. An individuality that cannot be described in one word is likely to be close to your own individuality.