Classic Collection

Inspiration for SAGAN Vienna classic bag collection was the chair „S 32“, designed by Marcel Breuer in 1929/30 at Bauhaus in Germany and produced by Thonet.
Breuer used steel pipes as a frame for the „S 32“ chair and wooden frames for a seat and back.

It was one of first such designs in the world. Breuer successfully applied functionality, pragmatism and productivity -the ideas of Bauhaus school- to his creation. Inside the frame is a cane woven in octagon shape, the „Wiener Geflecht“. The seat made of an organic material looks fascinating and welcoming, it is a design that is both functional and dignified in its beauty.

With the help from the epoch-making designer‘s vision, the versatile product that is the “Wiener Geflecht“ transformed itself from a „vintage“ classic to a design that can withstand a test of time.
SAGAN Vienna classic bag collection is perhaps a longing to a future still to come, or it may be a pursuit of beauty in utility and practicality that motivates new creations.