The Story behind our horn collection

The horn-leather goods collection is featuring a collaboration with the traditional horn manufacture Petz from Vienna, Austria. In the typical SAGAN Vienna spirit this collection is characterised by a bold mix of materials and continues their tale of familiar done differently. With experts hands, knowledge and tradition of making going back to 1862, Petz Hornmanufaktur crafted handmade cow horn pieces for SAGAN Vienna leather accessory collection. This beautiful horn elements are carefully assembled on the bags, wallets and a variety of small leather goods creating elegant one of a kind pieces.

Every piece of horn comes in a different shade due to the natural property of this material. Each piece of horn element on our leather goods is made one by one, no two pieces will ever be the same. This represents the true uniqueness of every single piece. Cow horn is a by-product of the food industry, no animal is killed for obtaining the horn.

Photos courtesy of SAGAN Vienna

Heating up the horn

Pressing the horn in order to make it flat

Sanding the surface of the horn. Only after sanding, the beautiful shades appear.

SAGAN Vienna Horn Elements in development