XYZ furniture project by Philipp Reinsberg

Designed with precise interlocking wooden joints , Xyz is a modular pop up furniture for  SAGAN Vienna. Its demountable and waives of any additional fasteners. Just like Japanese wooden houses, this furniture system avoids diagonals but uses the precise fitted joints and plywood surfaces for stability. The modular furniture is based on a cubical tatami ratio ( 45.5 x 45.5 ) and composed of solid birch wood beams with plywood surfaces. Xyz consists of three different carved beam types which vary in length based on the modular unit. Each joint is locked by a wedge or accurate fitted plywood surfaces with continues slots. The surfaces appear in different shapes and sizes. They create horizontal surfaces for display and alignment of the overall composition. 

This furniture concept got presented first time during SAGAN Vienna´s appearance at KASTNER & OEHLER and DESIGN MONAT GRAZ 2019, but will pop up again in different locations and configurations. 

Photos courtesy of  SAGAN Vienna